Petite Warm or Cold Wrap


Aching neck? Sore back? Stiff knee? This wrap can deliver heat or chill right to the needed are with this natural helper. 

In the winter, one VERY good use for this is to heat it so it's toasty, then slip it in between the sheets near the foot of your bed a few minutes before you go to sleep. It's so good, it's almost sinful. 

Tie around lower back, wrap around shoulders, place behind neck when reclining, or wrap around elbows, knees or feet.  Use warm from the microwave or cool from the freezer. Available in a rainbow selection of cotton batiks.

Dimensions: 30'' x 7'' filled part 20'' x 7'' each tie, total length: 70" + long.

Filled with organic flaxseed, lavender and lavender essential oil. 

These are handmade using the maker's choice of batik fabrics. Five different colored fabrics will be listed at a time and new ones will be listed as they are sold. 

Pictures are close-ups of the fabric. The pattern will appear smaller on the wrap but you can see the colors more closely.