10th Avenue Soapworks Soap Bar


Each batch is made lovingly by hand. Once you try a hand-made soap, you may never ever go back to store-bought. With lovely lather and scents, your skin will thank you for going detergent- and preservative-free!

Net wt 4 oz

Made in Wisconsin

Ingredients: Oils (olive, tallow, coconut, rice bran, castor), water, sodium hydroxide, fragrance, colorants (may include activated charcoal, micas, oxides, cocoa)

Australian Bamboo- clean and fresh with spearmint, lime zest and additional ozone notes balanced with lavender, fresh cut grass and a slight woody, spicy finish of cedar wood and nutmeg.

Berry Burst- a refreshing blend of pink champagne, cranberry, mulberry & fresh raspberries

Brandied Pear- is a sweet indulgence of ripe pear and cask aged brandy

Chai Spice- warm Chai scent of cinnamon sticks, fresh ginger, cardamom, nutmeg, cloves, black pepper and allspice blended together into spicy perfection

Citrus Energya bright and fresh scent with notes of grapefruit, lemon, lime, cucumber, jasmine, pineapple, blackberry, and champagne.

Dairylandpleasant, clean sweet grass scent that you are sure to love

Fruit Smoothie-a blend of berries and a hint of citrus and some round warm vanilla

Grapefruit- tangy and refreshing scent of a freshly cut grapefruit. A salt soap with more creamy lather. Very long lasting and refreshing. A favorite of soap makers!

Harvest Moon- fresh pear and blueberries followed by cedar, juniper berries white musk, Douglas fir, and spruce 

Hazelnut Cappuccino- oh, you know this scent! slightly sweet toasted hazelnut and mocha

Honey Aleorange, berry, plum, and light notes of jasmine blended with vanilla and that toasty scent of hops

Honeysuckle- the beautiful floral we know and makes us imagine a little cottage adorned with honeysuckle vine floating its heady scent into the windows

Lavender- known for its relaxing qualities, lavender soothes and calms

Lemon Blossom- fresh lemon with hint of seining florals so it's not too tart

Lilac Blossom- deeply fragrant, springtime floral

Lime Vibesrefreshing lime and citrus will make you happy and ready to go

Mulberry Patch- fresh mulberries with a hint of wood behind

North Woods fresh cedar, fir, true patchouli, natural lavender, and aromatic eucalyptus.

Oatmeal Honey- the homey scent of a morning bowl of oatmeal topped with the creamiest of milk and a touch of honey. Well-loved

Oatmeal Stout- a blend of almond extract, creamy milk, maple, and roasted oatmeal create an oatmeal stout like you've never had. Sweet and full

Olive Groveearthy fig leaves with lemon and mint over a creamy wood base

Patchouliclassic scent of patchouli. A pungent, earthy fragrance that is exactly what you would expect

Peony White Tea- named after a rare tea that gets its name from its appearance, like that of an unopened peony bud. A light spicy berry and floral scent

Pumpkin Spice- the classic fall favorite!

Raspberry Vanillasweet mix of bergamot, pear, plum wine, vanilla, orchid, cashmere, and musk and a consistent crowd pleaser

Sunflower Breeze- fresh fruity florals and a hint of water

Tea Tree Charcoal- tea tree is a camphorous scent in a charcoal bar that many find good for their skin

Vanilla Bean-  so deep and comforting, smelling of deliciousness in the oven

Vanilla Sandalwood soft vanilla mixes with an earthy sandalwood and musk for a powdery earthy aroma

Woodland Lodge- a fresh, warm woody fragrance of citrus, balsam and fir with notes of spice, cedarwood, musk and eucalyptus