Brandy Old-Fashioned Scented Bath Salts


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These Cocktail Bath Salts have been thoughtfully crafted to be the perfect addition to your-self care routine. High quality essential and fragrance oils create a luxurious  aroma, while a proprietary blend of salts detoxify skin and relax muscles. The Cocktail Bath Salts will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed, invigorated and pampered. Just add a generous handful of our Bath Salts to your tub or foot soak and enjoy. Great for gifts, gift baskets, party favors, or room fresheners. 

Brandy Old Fashioned: Hints of Brandy & Spice fragrance oil and Orange essential oil-warm and inviting, just like Wisconsin.

Ingredients: Himalayan, European Spa & Epsom salt blend, mixed, dried botanicals, therapeutic grade essential, fragrance & coconut oils.

16 oz

To Use: your 1/2-1 cup of slats in your hot bath and allow to dissolve

*For external use only. Do not ingest.