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B's Gourmet Nuts



B's Gourmet Nuts are small batch, hand-crafted nuts focused on blending complimentary flavors to provide a depth and texture not found in your standard nut. They identify the highest quality ingredients, prepare with great precision and present in an artful manner. They make these nuts something you will be proud to gift to a friend or bring into your home time and time again.

They are absolutely delicious.

Decadent Cashews mingle sea salt with the complex and savory flavor of the Black Truffle. Has a deep umami flavor.

Insatiable Cashews blend the flavor of rosemary and a hint of spices to leave you with a warm feeling of wanting just a little bit more.

Sublime Cashews are the perfect balance of sweet and salt with a dash of garlic.

B's is honored to donate a portion of proceeds to an organization supporting not only the patient, but everyone effected by cancer. The Cancer Wellness Center helps improve the emotional and physical well-being of people effected by cancer. They provide free access to education, wellness and support to those in need, and by buying their products, you will help support people in need as well. 

Made by B's Gourmet out of Winetka, Illinois.