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Cocoa Butter Lotion Bar



Deeply moisturize your skin with this luxurious cocoa butter lotion bar! Made with only pure butters, oils and waxes, this lotion bar provides nourishing and long-lasting hydration. Highly effective for the dry areas on your elbows, knees and cuticles, our formula features a luxurious blend of cocoa butter, beeswax and plant based oils to seal in moisture and soothe the skin. A hint of vitamin E reduces the appearance of scarring and improves the texture of the skin, while arrowroot powder balances moisture. Gentle enough for people of all ages and skin types, daily use of this lotion bar will keep your skin smooth, soft and healthy!

Use this long-lasting lotion bar daily for irresistibly soft skin!

Cruelty and chemical free, and made by Bua in the USA

Ingredients: *cocoa butter, *coconut oil, *jojoba seed oil, *beeswax, *sunflower seed oil, vitamin E, *arrowroot powder

*Certified organic

Net wy 1.5 oz