Child's Ruffle Apron


What better to excite a kid about getting into the kitchen than with a special thing to wear? Beautiful enough to wear to even the fanciest location, it is indeed made for working. Crafted from a tough but comfortable cotton that will stand the test of time, and wear and tear.

Sewn from start to finish by Mama Jean. These are made exclusively for The Regal Find and are sold nowhere else on the planet. 

Each apron is different. No two will ever be alike. Because of the difficulty in listing such individual items, only two are listed at this time. If they sell, other aprons different from these may be listed. 

Because each one is made individually, the measurements may vary slightly from apron to apron, but not much. 

From top edge to bottom edge 20"

From side to side at the ties 15"

Each side tie 30" (each, so 60" total of ties)

These tie behind the neck.