Ornate Glass Earrings-Deep Red


If I have learned one thing, it is that red glass does not photograph to advantage in a light box. Please be certain to see the other pictures in natural and indoor lighting.

Oh my, these earrings will catch the light and change colors with different angles. They are truly beautiful and a bit chameleon like in how just a small difference can change the overall look, not completely in color but by which color is dominant and how it's complimented by the contrasting color. The two earrings pictures are set at slightly different angles to demonstrate. Bewitching. 

Being glass, these earrings are heavier than the standard earring you are likely used to. Each one weighs a bit over 0.1 ounce, which doesn't sound like much but that is heftier than most. However, if royalty and stars can wear gobs of jewels and still have earlobes, then we commoners can do it too. Especially you, princess. ;)

Hand made by Natasha Lutes