Cork Card and Money Holder- Vegan Leather


Looking for something unique, environmentally friendly, and useful, all in one? This is perfect!

Cork leather or cork fabric is sustainable, chemical-free, and believe it or not, very durable. It is not like the bulletin board cork we all know. This cork is cut, steamed, and processed to be used as a fabric. It is light-weight, water- and stain-resistant, scuff resistant and is also supple and smooth. 

It is difficult to believe, so I encourage you to hop on the internet and check it out for yourself. 

This is a card holder primarily with three slots on each side and a pocket in the middle that will hold folded bills or other cards.

Sorry, it doesn't come with the money. I was just priming it for you, but we will give you a couple of our business cards as shown if you would like!

Handmade by Hold Supply