Bua Goat Milk Soap


Rejuvenate your skin with nourishing Goat Milk Soap. This formula features locally sourced organic goat milk, one of nature’s finest moisturizer and most nutrient-dense substance. Goat milk has a unique set of easily-absorbed vitamins, lactic acid and essential fatty acids that reveal brighter, clearer skin and provide lasting nourishment and moisture. The formula is heightened with soothing colloidal oats and a luxurious blend of plant-based saponified oils that permeate deep into the skin to seal in moisture and provide a luxuriously frothy lather. Lightly scented with the relaxing aroma of pure essential oil of lavender, this restorative bar will give you a lovely bright complexion and irresistibly soft skin!

This bar is gentle enough for all skin types and suitable for all ages.

 Ingredients: local goat milk, saponified oils of  *olive, *coconut, *sustainable palm, castor, *colloidal oats, essential oil of lavender

*= certified organic