InBooze Alcohol Infusion Kit


In 2018, founder Ashleigh Evans wanted to create an easy way for everyone to enjoy cocktails from home. By infusing your alcohol with real dehydrated fruits, spices and herbs, there is no question about what's in your cocktail. Just simple smooth flavor!

Each infusion available is made with a variety of real ingredients, makes at least 8-10 cocktails and requires 3-7 days infusion in alcohol (such as tequila, rum, gin, vodka, brandy, whiskey). 

Place infusion bag in a container, such as a mason jar, and fill with your alcohol of choice. Cover and allow to steep a minimum of 3 days and up to 6-7 for fullest flavor, then mix the flavor-infused alcohol with mixers of your choice. It can be fun to make your own signature cocktail by pairing with seltzer, twists, cider, lemonade, juices, or different pops. Have fun!


Apple Pie-Dehydrated apples, lemon, cinnamon and ginger add an amazing flavor to your vodka, rum or whiskey. Perfect for an Apple Pie Punch or just to sip as a cocktail

Berry Lavender Lemonade-With strawberries, blackberries and blueberries, this infusion has a beautiful pink color. The lavender is present, but not too overpowering...perfect to pair with the lemon. Great with vodka, rum or gin (the BEST G&T!). For a mocktail, infuse in water

Blackberry Gin Smash-Even gin naysayers love this smash! Sweet blackberries are paired with lemon and sugar cubes to make this refreshing drink. Or follow the beat of your own drum and use vodka. Enjoy

Blueberry Peach Cobbler-Comforting, yet bursting with flavor. If you love Blueberry vodka, you'll love this twist! With warmth from vanilla and fresh dehydrated peaches, you will LOVE this for summer patio sipping.

Gingerbread Cookie- This infusion has molasses, blood orange, ginger, warm spices and more. This infusion is perfect with rum, vodka or whiskey. Perfect to InBooze up some eggnog, hot cocoa or even try a White Russian!

Michigan Moscow Mule- This Moscow Mule variety is SUGAR FREE like the other flavors and a tribute to the maker's home state of Michigan.The Michigan Moscow Mule has dehydrated Michigan apples, Traverse City cherries, lime and ginger. Aside from vodka, this is delicious with rum or whiskey!

Moscow Mule-dehydrated ginger and lime gives it exactly the mule flavor you’re craving. Adds an amazing flavor to your vodka

Mulling Spices- perfection for wine or apple cider or use your imagination of what to infuse! Perfect for fall and winter, but honestly, spiced cider over ice is to die for.

Old Fashioned -dehydrated oranges, sweet Michigan cherries and a handmade bitters infused sugar cubes, this pairs well with bourbon, whiskey or brandy

Red Wine Sangria- add up to 2 bottles of wine for these infusions. Add the packet to a large pitcher and pour wine over. You can allow it to infuse in the refrigerator or on the counter. With the Red Wine Sangria, we suggest a red blend, Pinot or whatever you normally buy. For an extra kick, try adding some brandy or flavored vodka. Red Sangria pairs well with Blackberry Brandy

Spiced Maple Smash- the alcohol version of Pumpkin Spice, using butternut squash, apples, spices and more! Perfect with rum, vodka or whiskey. I'd dare you to even try with tequila!

Spiced White Sangria-add up to 2 bottles of wine for these infusions. Add the packet to a large pitcher and pour wine over. You can allow it to infuse in the refrigerator or on the counter. For the Spiced White Sangria, we suggest a white blend, Pinot Grigio or Moscato. Spiced White Sangria is fab with Brandy or Peach Vodka.

Summer SangriaFormerly Very Berry Sangria, this Summer Sangria is full of berries, peaches, grapes and citrus. Great with red OR white wine! Order now, this one FLIES off the shelves! This infusion is sugar free...all of the sweetness comes from the dehydrated fruit! And it's fantastic all year round.