JKM Classic Candles: Quarantine Collection


We all deserve a hi-five  for making it through the pandemic so far! A perfect way to give ourselves a pat on the back or let someone know that they deserve a gold star is to light up one of these cleverly named candles from the Quarantine Collection. 

The Classic Collection is simple and clean, featuring a timeless black & white style with fun & unique scents that are anything but average.

Poured in small batches. Made in Michigan. 100% handmade and amazing!

The 9oz jar holds 8oz of 100% soybean wax by weight and boasts a 45 - 65 hour burn time.

It's Fine, This Is Fine, I'm Fine, Everything is Fine - ginseng, lime, orange, clove, & grated nutmeg

Keep Calm & Drink More Wine - tuscan red wine

Miss Your Face - mimosa, cardamom, heliotrope

Netflix & Chill - mahogany, lavender, oak

Not Enough Sage in the World for This Shit - clean, fresh, earthy sage

Smells Like Homeschooling - marshmallow rice krispie treats & chocolate chip cookies

Social Distancing Since Before it was Cool - sandalwood, amber, suede

Stay the F*ck Home - yuzu, cocoa, tonka bean