Love of Wisconsin


There are ever so many ways to enjoy Wisconsin or to show your love but you may find this one feels just right to you.

This one can spread your love around the house, from your kitchen stove handle, reminding you of why your feel at home here to your shower, after which you can tell your friends from places far and wide that you washed with cheese today and really make then wonder. Anytime you like, you can put a match to the wick and not only see the flame of fire and love flickering behind good old Wisconsin, but smell one of the signature things that identifies us, brandy, in the form of a brandy old fashioned. Perfect.

Candle (and the glassware you now have after the candle is done) by Flags Over WIsconsin

Cheese soap by 10th Avenue Soapworks

Dish Towel by Bethanie Raines