Packers Pencil Sets


Pick up a couple of pencils and support the Pack even as you write!

Sold in sets of 2, find your favorite combination!

GO PACK GO- needs no explanation

GREEN AND GOLD- no explanation needed

THE LAMBEAU LEAP- started in 1993 by LeRoy Butler. Allowed only at Lambeau

3 4 13 14 66 92- the only numbers retired by the Pack. 92 is a bit of an exception as Reggie White's jersey is retired but his number is not officially.

4th and 26- this is a pencil for those of you who like to chew on your pencils, or would feel very gratified as grinding down a pencil with this infamous play on it, from January 11, 2004. It hurt then and still stings a bit now, but hey, now you can sting it back!

CHEESEHEADS- that's us