The Fuck You Zine

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Have you or someone you know been burned by a horrible boss, angered by an ex, or confused by that ghoster? Need a little help letting them go, forgetting the wrongs, or just want to move the f*ck on? We got you! Grab a pen/marker/crayon and get working it out with the “Fuck You Zine”.

Fill it in, rip it up, then burn or bury it and hold your head high while you strut yourself away from the drama. Order one for yourself or send one to a friend in need.

A fun, lighthearted way to process through every day difficulties and frustrations. 16 glorious black-and-white pages for you to color in, scribble on, or tear out hang on a mirror for an added confidence boost. Printed on premium 60# white paper. 5.5” wide by 8.5” high.