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Groovin Bigfoot Eraser


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These Bigfoot Erasers are the perfect thing to erase all the things “the man” has forced you to think. Bigfoot doesn’t want your harsh vibes, he just wants to practice mindfulness on a psychedelic retreat in his yurt. These 2" tall, soft vinyl Groov’n Bigfoot Erasers come in an assortment of four day-glow colors designed to freak out the squares. Each color (pink, orange, blue and green) lines up with one of Bigfoot’s chakras. Or so I’ve been told.

Come on in to the shop to choose your favorite meditation buddy! Or if you want to order online, we will happily pick out your new zen friend from the bunch and surprise you. It's a Bigfoot eraser; it can't disappoint. 

  • 2" tall
  • Soft vinyl that erases