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Let's Go Crazy Alcohol Infusion Cocktail Kit



Fun fact: owner Ashleigh LOVES Prince! This infusion is magical, due to the butterfly pea flowers making this a FUN purple color! Triple citrus makes this a fun, refreshing cocktail for warmer weather. Get this while you can, it's SUPER limited! Pair this infusion with WHATEVER spirit you want--or even try a mocktail! Once infused, pair with lemon lime soft drink, flavored sparkling water or whatever you please! HAVE FUN WITH IT! 

Each pouch contains 1 large infusion bag for 2+ cups of alcohol Place in a container of your choice and allow to steep for 3-5 days. 

All ingredients and instructions are listed on the back of pouch

Once infused, you have 6 months to enjoy. Store in a cabinet or in the fridge

Handmade in InBooze's commercial kitchen in Grandville, Michigan. Products are sourced locally whenever possible and the InBooze team creates the product from dehydration to packaging and shipping.

Gluten Free and Vegan