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Handmade Cutting Boards

Varied Checkerboard 17/12.5/1.25

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Hand made locally using only local wood. Each piece was set by hand and the maker does not like to make the same thing twice, so not only is the wood unique because of the nature of wood, but the board itself is unique because of the nature of Chris Schmidt.

These are made with maple, walnut, and cherry. They are heavy  and thick and will last for years with proper care. Because they have rubber feet, they will not slide around on your counter.

Store on rubber feet or on edge only. If you store it flat on its face, the wood will start to cup because it can't breath. Don't suffocate your board, please!

Never clean with soaps or detergents. The boards are soaked in food-grade mineral oil which will protect the wood. You need only to wipe it down and occasionally, if needed, give it a light coat of oil.

Do NOT wash in the dishwater or soak in water!

By CGS Woodworking