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Handmade Ring Dish - Wasabi Dipping Dish - Periwinkle


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Our most popular pottery - these stunning little trinket dishes are perfect for engagement rings, jewelry, candles, or anything else you may want to display. These are Made to Order, so you can order as many as you like! Each dish is approximately 4.5" diameter. Due to the handmade nature of the items, the size may vary as each item is one of a kind. Pots with fused glass are primarily decorative, but can be used with dry foods and should be hand-washed. Ring dish, fused glass, ring bowl, trinket dish, trinket bowl, jewelry dish, jewelry bowl, party favors, small bowl, small gifts, bridesmaid gift, wedding favor, engagement gift, ring holder, wasabi dipping dish, little dishes, little bowls, trinket tray, candle holder dish, candle holder, soap dish, soap holder, dock 6 ring dish, dock 6 wasabi, geode dish, geode bowl, agate bowl, crystal dish, crystal tray